Child Evangelism Fellowship(CEF)

is celebrating over 75 years of ministry to children. We are a Bible-centered, worldwide organization that is dedicated to seeing every child reached with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, discipled and established in a local church.

What We Believe

Statement of Faith†summarizes what we believe.† We work with individuals and churches who agree with our Statement of Faith.

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Child Evangelism Fellowship of Central Texas

P. O. Box 3025

Harker Heights, Texas 76548

Phone: 254-780-7780

E-mail: info@cefcentex.org



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Welcome to Child Evangelism Fellowship of Central Texas

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Central Texas is working to reach the boys and girls of the greater Central Texas Area. † We are looking to partner with area believers and churches to bring the Gospel to the children of our area.† We want to go to where the kids are to tell them the Good News of Jesus.


Good News Club are after-school Bible Clubs designed to give kids an encouraging, loving, safe place to visit while having fun and learning about Jesus Christ.   Singing songs, playin games, listening to Bible stories, and hearing tales of missionaries in faraway lands are appealing to every child.

Teachers, principals, volunteers, parents, and the students themselves have told us of the importance of Good News Clubs.   These after-school Bible clubs are making an impact for society as well as for the Kingdom of God.

Gather a group from your church and adopt a school in your area!

If you are interested in having a club near you, please contact us for more information at info@cefcentex.org



5-Day Club - For one power-packed, exciting hour each day (for 5 consecutive days), kids come to have fun and learn about Jesus Christ.  Five-Day Clubs are Bible clubs sponsored by CEF and are open to anyone age five to twelve regardless of religious background.

Take the light of the Gospel to kids in their apartment complexes, daycare centers, neighborhoods, parks, and other community location.

If you are interested in Summer Missions, contact us for more information.

Christian Youth In Action (CYIA) is a program designed to put Christian Youth in a leadership role before younger children.  Youth play an active role in evangelizing the lost for Christ.  That is why CEF founded Christian Youth In Action (CYIA) programs.  From conducting child ministry Bible clubs (such as the 5-Day Clubs) to manning overseas mission trips during the summer, CYIA members are constantly on the move to harvest the fields for God.  Your youth can be part of this exciting summer missions group.  Let CEF train them to work as a CYIA today!

One summer mission program Christian Youth In Actions participants take part in is 5-Day Clubs.

CYIA Counseling Bookmark: Counselling-bookmark.pdf
CYIA Pre-Training Manual: Pre-training Manual.pdf

Ministries of CEF

  • Good News Club is an after-school Bible club which often takes place in public schools.

  • 5-Day Club is a 5 day Bible club taking place during Summer.† We go where the kids are.

  • Wonderzone was launched by CEF in 2002.  The Wonderzone.com project allows trained counselors to disciple children in a real-time, interactive environment.  As a result, tens of thousands of children a year are counseled in an in-depth, ongoing, culturally relevant way.  This is an international ministry that has language specific websites in 14 countries.  Many children have given their lives to Christ and the depth of discipleship they receive has had an important impact on many lives.

    We work together with the local churches to reach the children.† Ask us about how your church can be involved in this important ministry. †

Helping Us Reach the Children of Central Texas with the Gospel